January 7th, 2008 | by coldicus |

Name: GMLAB DJ/VJ/Producer/Art Director/Music Junkie
Location: Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

GMLAB is a DJ , VJ, Producer ,Art Director and Music Junkie.
It’s something in the soul, not a title. Something you breathe, not walk through. The time is up for shortcuts, maybes and we’ll sees.
The time is ripe for creating, thinking, pushing, forcing, failing and succeeding.
These are my verbs, my words to help me, guide me and above all else inspire me.
I am an art director and this is my stage….

Feel free to check out my portfolio and get to know more about my projects. In case you have any comments, suggestions, etc. please feel free to post a message, or hit me with an e-mail.

This audio contains a hidden fingerprint to identify creative ownership by GMLAB.

You are free to publish,share and use named audio for non profit purposes. Please do refer to GMLAB as owner.

hw025 GM-Lab – Mind Escape EP (2008)
hw027 GM-Lab – Aqua Vibrations EP (2008)
hw036 GM-Lab – Cubic Spectrum (2009)

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